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          This is what our professionals say about PHÖNIX medical products:

Maria Stein / Physiotherapist

My name is Maria Stein. As a trained physiotherapist with the additional qualification “Bobath Therapist for Children and Adults” I have been in practice since my exam in 1999. Especially in the fields of “muscular tension” and “problems with glued fascia” very often people come up to me and seek advice.

Even as a physiotherapist, I am often not free of complaints – contrary to the opinion of many of my patients. Tensions occur again and again, especially in the ISG and the BWS sector. This is certainly also due to my work, which does not leave out an unpleasant attitude and heavy burden. 

Some time ago, I came across a product that helps me mobilize, loosen the muscles and re-regulate tensions: the PLEXUS medical device. After the first applications with PLEXUS standard, I sometimes even reach for the PLEXUS Large. Due to the height I effectively reach the pelvic and LWS area.

In the meantime, I am so enthusiastic about the product and its mode of action that I often give home a PLEXUS to selected back patients between therapy units to help them maintain the mobilizing treatment success and to be able to continue the therapy with progress next time.

Compared to various fascia rolls, the PLEXUS can be used to loosen the fabric much more purposefully and effectively and to work in depth. Joints in the hip, pelvic and spinal areas can be mobilized.

Simon Brachtel / Holistic Practitioner and Physiotherapist

The phoenix products PLEXUS and ATLAS are ideal for home use.
Most people, more or less frequently, have tension or muscular pain. In some cases it is certainly necessary to get professional help from a therapist. Often, however, you can also carry out measures to improve yourself. In addition to movement or heat applications, PHÖNIX products are ideal for effectively combating painful trigger points. They are easy to use and, most importantly, always available.