Contraindications / Contraindications

The PHÖNIX medical products may generally not be used for

• Thrombosis
• degenerative muscle diseases
• Osteoporosis, Tb or bone diseases (e.g. bone cancer)
• Pregnancy
• severe herniated discs
• Slingtrauma

The PHÖNIX medical products must not be used for

• fresh operations and injuries (e.g. fractures)
• flaccid or spastic paralysis
• Sensitivity disorders
• acute inflammation in the area of application, e.g. nerve inflammation, arthritis in the hip joint
• Inflammation of the mucous sac (bursitis) in the hip, acute rheumatism
• Sliding vertebrae
• Stenosis of the intermediate vertebral hole in the area to be treated

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If you’re not sure if the PHÖNIX medical products are suitable for you, just get our free   medical   support!

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