It is possible that people have been ill for 1-14 days, but have not yet shown any symptoms.
Many people (about 80) survive the symptoms without further treatment.
However, the disease can take a severe course and even end fatally.
Especially in the risk group (elderly people and people with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or asthma) caution is required!

Possible symptoms include:

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Breathing difficulties

Note, however, that the course of the disease is very different and varied!

How dangerous is the coronavirus? (Download from the Federal Ministry of Health)

The coronavirus is currently endangering the health and lives of many people worldwide.
As there is currently no approved vaccine against COVID-19, it is all the more important to protect yourself and your fellow human beings.


What you should consider:

Wash your hands regularly with water or soap for at least 20 seconds.

Cover their face in case they need to sneezing or coughing.

Keep as much distance (at least 1.5m) away from other people as possible.

If you feel sick, it’s best to isolate yourself from other family members/roommates.

Avoid large crowds and public transport.

Get as low as possible in your face.

Wear a mouthguard in public spaces where a minimum distance of 2m cannot be guaranteed (e.g. supermarkets).

Comply with the legal regulations in your state/district.

> How can I protect myself from Corona? (Download from the Federal Ministry of Health)

Dr. Zinn explains: The correct use of everyday masks

The AHA formula: Keep distance – #WeStayTogether

The AHA Formula: Everyday Mask –#WeStayTogehter

If you are concerned about being infected with the coronavirus, contact the following hotlines:

Your GP
Independent Patient Advice Germany – 0800 011 77 22
Federal Ministry of Health (citizens’ telephone) – 030 346 465 100
Counselling service for the deaf and hearing impaired:
     Fax: 030 / 340 60 66 – 07 info.deaf@bmg.bund(dot)de / info.gehoerlos@bmg.bund(dot)de
Sign phone (video telephony) –

Currently, it is very important to find out about reputable and trustworthy sources.
If you have further questions about the Corona virus or are looking for more comprehensive information, you can find them on the following pages:

Robert Koch Institute (RKI)
World Health Organization (WHO)
Federal Ministry of Health
Together against Corona