Fields of application

Application in sport

Performance enhancement   And 
Injury prevention   with The PHÖNIX Medical Products!

In order to achieve effective and differentiated movement sequences during sport, balanced tension ratios between the individual muscle groups are important. Disturbed tension conditions can lead to painful injuries during sporting activity.

Through thetargeted application of the PLEXUS before the increased strain on the muscles in sport, existing   tensions are relieved   and thus  the balance of the muscle tone   of individualmuscle groups to each other is restored.

Boosting   your performance thanks to the improved decontractionability of the muscles   Leistungsfähigkeit ! Advantages   of The PHÖNIX-MP for athletes:

  •  Loosening of tense muscles
  •  Loosening of bonding in the fascia tissue
  •  Promoting blood circulation
  •  Stimulating metabolic activity
  •  slight lateral stretching of the muscles
  •  easy articulated mobilization
  •  Regeneration after training

When do athletes best use The PHÖNIX-MP?

The application is always possible – but it is even more effective before and/or after the sport.

Application in everyday life

Relaxed   and stay   loose!  

Our daily lives are increasingly characterised by one-sided and sedentary activities. A healthy level of exercise is often not possible. This often results in a painful cycle:

Long sitting leads to fatigue of the uplifting muscles, fatigue leads to a dysbalance of muscle tension of bending and uplifting muscles, persistent dysbalance to shorten hip suspense and abdominal muscles and shortening to increased fatigue and tension of the uplifting muscles.

Break this vicious circle with our PHÖNIX medical products!

Advantages of the PHÖNIX-MP in everyday life:

  •  Help for self-help
  •  independent, independent therapy without annoying appointments
  •  Stress reduction
  •  almost everywhere possible, at home, in the office, on trips …
  •  Reclaiming freedom of movement
  •  small, effective time-out for new performance

Application in therapy

A large proportion of patients in the field of physiotherapy suffer from   chronic   pain   due to tension and fascia bonding, which must be solved.

Benefits  of PHÖNIX medical products in therapy:

•   Intensification of the dissolving effect by a supplementary application of the PHÖNIX-MP before or after the therapy unit.

•   Increase the effectiveness of a treatment series. The patient of the PHÖNIX-MP between the individual therapy units maintains the success of the treatment through the independent use of the Patient of the PHÖNIX-MP. Any further treatment can be based on better conditions.

•   Relief of the therapist. The PHÖNIX-MP also take over the exhausting therapy from deeper tissue layers.

•   Valuable tool for permanent patients at over-the-counter intervals.

•   Unique and effective way for therapists to remain free of complaints or to become free of complaints again.

•   The therapist of the therapist.