Treatment against tension – without body contact?

The current corona situation presents physiotherapists with enormous challenges. Working on patients from the currently advised distance has simply become impossible, as the therapists usually have to go close to the woman and the man in order to give them their therapies.

For safety-relevant reasons, physiotherapy prescriptions are only prescribed to a limited extent. This results in longer waiting times for treatments for patients.

• Can be used everywhere …

With our PHÖNIX medical products PLEXUS and ATLAS, we offer you the ideal solution for a treatment without any body contact and without waiting times. They can be used anytime, anywhere.

physiotherapeuten in der krise

• Versatile application …

The PLEXUS is specially designed for the lumbar, thoracic spine and pelvic areas. The ATLAS can be used for the cervical spine, neck and shoulder belt area.
Tensioned muscles and glued fascia can be treated very specifically and highly efficiently even in deeper tissue layers. The application is very simple – just put it on!

• Individually tailored to your problem areas …

Our application brochure, which is enclose to every product, is built according to a modular principle.
For this reason, the medical devices of the PHÖNIX Group are ideally suited for the individual fight against the causes of various acute and chronic pain states of the human musculoskeletal system. Thus, the patient or the physiotherapist has the possibility to integrate individual modules into his own treatment concept.

• Your therapist for home!

With our products, physiotherapists have the opportunity to give their patients something home so that they can maintain a relaxed state.
Many patients usually experience recurrent symptoms when the technique is no longer performed after the treatment has been completed.

In addition, therapists can give anxious patients security with the use of our products, because this avoids direct physical contact.

Our “therapist for home” survives every crisis!

With our products, you are independent of the development of the health system and thus have the opportunity to treat your tensions at home at any time.

• NEW: New video tutorials to join in!

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