Success Stories

Maria Stein (Physiotherapist)

My name is Maria Stein. As a trained physiotherapist with the additional qualification “Bobath Therapist for Children and Adults” I have been in practice since my exam in 1999. Especially in the fields of “muscular tension” and “problems with glued fascia” very often people come up to me and seek advice.

Even as a physiotherapist, I am often not free of complaints – contrary to the opinion of many of my patients. Tensions occur again and again, especially in the ISG and the BWS sector. This is certainly also due to my work, which does not leave out an unpleasant attitude and heavy burden. 

Some time ago, I came across a product that helps me mobilize, loosen the muscles and re-regulate tensions: the PLEXUS medical device. After the first applications with PLEXUS standard, I sometimes even reach for the PLEXUS Large. Due to the height I effectively reach the pelvic and LWS area.

In the meantime, I am so enthusiastic about the product and its mode of action that I often give home a PLEXUS to selected back patients between therapy units to help them maintain the mobilizing treatment success and to be able to continue the therapy with progress next time.


Compared to various fascia rolls, the PLEXUS can be used to loosen the fabric much more purposefully and effectively and to work in depth. Joints in the hip, pelvic and spinal areas can be mobilized.

Annetta Ba. (Physiotherapist)

For 17 years I have been working as a physiotherapist   and manual therapist with the additional qualification Cranio-Sacral Therapy from the field of osteopathy. 

Many patients, who are often confronted with the consequences of headache, dizziness or jaw tension in cervical spine problems, can usually be treated very successfully with muscle-relaxing techniques such as the so-called Cranial Base Release by relaxing the highly cervical (skull-close) neck muscles by the pressure point massage of the therapist. 

With this therapy, after a few treatments, there has been a significant improvement. 

However, patients will have recurrent symptoms after some time if this technique is no longer performed after the treatment has been completed.

So far, there have been no effective ways to give my patients something home so they can maintain this relaxed condition. 

It was only after I got to know the ATLAS that I discovered a way to provide an equally precise variant for “self-relaxation” at home. 

Even after a car accident, I myself have repeated complaints after many years, especially about the everyday stress that my profession demands. 

Finally, thanks to the ATLAS, I also manage to treat tension headaches and subsequent complaints of my slingshot trauma suffered at that time and to avoid pain already preventively. I find the wide range of applications of the ATLAS, which ranges from the upper neck muscles to the lower shoulder-neck muscles, optimal. 

Furthermore, I am convinced by the possibility of successfully mobilizing even the often stubborn area of the transition from the thoracic spine to the cervical spine, popularly known as the “witwenhump”, with the ATLAS and thus keeping it more painless. Regularly applied, you can see significant posture improvements.

Michaela Knopf (educator)

I am 44 years old and have been practising the profession of childminder for 27 years.

Working with children between the ages of 1 and 6 is a lot of fun. But there are also some disadvantages for back health in my profession. This includes, for example, sitting on the chairs at the small tables or lifting and carrying the children. At the moment I am working in the nativity scene. The strain on the back is enormous here. A large part of the working time is in a bent position. In everyday work, there is virtually no way to relieve the back or to take a healthy posture. In the long run, pain in the back is pre-programmed. After only a few years as a childminder, health problems with my   back started. I would like to say that I am not overweight, pay attention to a healthy diet and move a lot in my free time. Acute back pain, which often lasts for weeks, necessitated regular use of strong pain pills. The walk to the doctor, the appointments with the physiotherapy, the many trips to the doctors, the long waiting for an appointment with an orthopedist and the long sitting in the waiting room are associated with a great time, but also financial effort. In search of other ways to alleviate my ailments, chance came to my aid.

A few months ago, an acquaintance who also suffered from back problems told me about PLEXUS.

Her positive experience with PLEXUS immediately made me curious. She provided me with a PLEXUS and I had the opportunity to carry out a “test treatment” for 4 weeks. A therapy that I can do as needed, even daily without much time. Very relaxing!  After each application, I felt “lighter”. I use PLEXUS every day because I feel my pain diminishing. I can move more freely and more loosely. I was also able to reduce the use of pain pills. After the free trial period, I bought PLEXUS out of conviction. I would recommend PLEXUS. What excites me so much? It’s so easy! I feel more comfortable and relaxed – without much time and money. Great!

Kathrin A. (nurse)

My sister asked me the other day, “Are you going to emat2?” I had no idea what it was, but I’m just with me. 🙂

And it was very worthwhile!

A physiotherapist explained exactly what the atlas and plexus are used for, what is “happening” to the body, how to apply it, and much more. Not only did I have strong HWS complaints that night and I was thrilled when it said: “Anyone who wants to can try it now and lie down on the plexus or atlas!” I tried it, of course, and it actually helped.

Unfortunately, the relaxed and painless feeling had passed after a few days and I knew: I absolutely need these “parts”! Of course, it only works permanently if you also use it regularly for a longer period of time. And that really worked for me. I work as a nurse on an internal medicine ward with Stroke places. This also means: Frequently back problems.

But this is now a smaller problem, because I can always use the two medical devices as needed, whether in the pelvic, BWS, HWS, LWS, or shoulder area. I always succeed with it: no more tension and therefore no more pain.

Martin Großhäuser

Dear EmC2 Team,

I was pleased to hear that you are offering the PLEXUS and the ATLAS in the wood variation walnut; a noble wood, which appreciates both products even more due to their outstanding mode of action! I ordered right away! Nevertheless, I am also looking forward to the optimized design of the products.

I use both products with ‘old’ design as a conventional wood variation for about 17 years. At that time I came across these products by chance, because in 2003 I bought about 4 months  suffered from a slipped disc. The classic: I was very challenged professionally due to many trips and pressure in the job and therefore always very tense in the subconscious, and although I regularly exercised as a balance (fitness, running) – I was not aware at that time that I was permanently in a high muscular tension due to stress, mainly in the lower back area – as it turned out later!

Fitness training alone and running could not prevent  the muscles in the lower back area from becoming cramped and eventually leading to a classic intervertebral disc problem due to one-sided shortening; the diagnosis was: protrusion between lumbar vertebra L4 and L5; the classic!

At the time, I was lucky enough to get someone to save me from surgery and locate the problem and help me solve the problem in no time. Since the herniated disc after 4 monthsn was no longer acute (i.e. ‘fresh’), we were able to start using the PLEXUS and ATLAS immediately, with amazing effect after proper use in the shortest possible time !!! After 2 days I was already pain-free and was finally able to sleep well again… since then I am convinced of these products and regularly use the products for muscle relaxation of the spine and my neck etc.; and, I am painless!

Since I already own several PLEXUS at different heights, as well as ATLAS, I also like to lend them and could help other people….beautiful to know that you offer the products!!!


Michaela B.

Hello Mr. Landgrafe,

I had bought the plexus.

I wanted to get a quick report on how it works…. I am VERY satisfied!

Muscles relax and “slightly shifted vertebrae” obviously get back into the right position … I’ve had problems with it all my life. With the help of the plexus I managed to solve a problem (pain in certain movements) with a vertebrae / muscle area in the lower thoracic vertebrae. This problem has certainly been around for three years. Doctors couldn’t help. A very good Chinese therapist did not have much success either, but recommended the plexus to me. She owns it herself and gave it to me for testing.

Furthermore, I have had swollen hand-in-the-hand surfaces since 2010. Here, too, no one has yet found an explanation or even a solution. If I now use the plexus in the upper thoracic vertebrae, the swelling will improve for a short time. It is not yet a permanent solution to the problem, but an indication of where to look for the cause….I continue to work with the plexus and hope for a final freedom of appeal.

Then I have tension around my hips again and again, which often end in a witch’s shot. Here, too, I achieve good muscle relaxation with the plexus.

Thank you for selling such a handy tool.


Suzanne Jacob

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am writing to you today to say thank you.
A few years ago   my husband bought your PLEXUS medical product for me. However, it was forgotten by several parades. Some time ago, however, I found the board in the basement and reactivated it.
And: I am so grateful to you! I have had some very big problems with tension for years. Hard, firm tension knots are formed, which do not go away either through massage or through stretching exercises.
Through the board I can find exactly these points, loosen them up and partially dissolve them. It often allows me to be completely free of discomfort all day, especially in the cold weather or sitting in front of the computer, and that’s worth so much to me and I feel so grateful.
(However, I found that it is even more effective for me sitting.)

Thank you from the heart, I will highly recommend you!

Simon R.

ATLAS – Finally the opportunity to massage yourself!

My name is Simon, I am 35 years old and have had tension headaches or dizziness for about 3 years, which differ depending on the shape of the day. Even if they haven’t left yet, they’ve gotten better in the last few weeks. And I want to say what helped me:

There were, or are, several things. The ATLAS is one of them….

Important is the height of the pillow, which must not be too deep and not too high. Strength training – for the whole body – is very important. Endurance training as well. Reducing stress is certainly the most difficult to implement, but stress plays a big role.

Therefore, my experience is that ATLAS should be used as one of several measures and none of the measures alone is sufficient. You also have to be patient.

And now to the ATLAS:

In the case of tension headaches, muscles on the cervical spine are tense, some of which are deep and difficult to massage. With your fingers, it is not possible to build up enough pressure to massage them. With the atlas this is possible, because the pressure comes through your own body weight. You can build up a lot of pressure on the tense points in the deep muscles. Even though I’ve experimented with other improvised devices before, none could keep up with the Atlas because it’s in the right shape.

An atlas massage has become my daily pre-bedtime ritual. I can therefore recommend it to everyone 🙂

And I want to encourage you: it takes a long time, you have to be patient, be consistent and the fight is not over for me either. But I am convinced that you can get rid of tension headaches again! The Atlas is a good ally 😉

S. Beer

For several years I have had to deal with recurring tensions, especially in the area of the thoracic spine.

I visited chiropractors and physiotherapists at regular intervals to get treatment, but only when the back problems reached their zenith. Since I used the plexus, my tensions and resulting back problems have clearly diminished.

Although I was initially sceptical about this product (in terms of effect), I can now fully recommend it and only advise everyone to try this product and then be convinced. In my opinion, an unavoidable advantage is that this product can be used at home, at any time and at short notice.

Lucy Frank

Hello dear Landgrafe!

Here comes my testimonial:

For almost 25 years, my back has been enthusiastic about self-massage equipment of all kinds, because although I move a lot (i used to dance a lot, today I practice yoga every day), I tend to be tense, or sometimes accidentally overstretched.

So there is a whole litany of absolutely blessed self-massage tools in my household.

But there was a gap in my assortment, which has now been filled by your company’s ingenious products:

At the end of my last visit to my ostheopath I asked him if he had one of his thumbs to give home…

… with the PLEXUS and his (literally) fat friend the ATLAS neckwood, exactly this wish has been fulfilled.

I am so happy, because with these “sharp” documents I really get to the deepest (so far unattainable) depths of all tensions and bonding.

Exactly something i still lacked for complete self-treatment happiness, and I have always wished.

My heartfelt recompense goes to the inventor and manufacturer and also to my yoga teacher in Munich, who fortunately has the PLEXUS in the studio!

Thank you very much

S. Jacob

I had hard, firm tensionknots that didn’t go away through massage or stretching exercises. Through the board I can find exactly these points, loosen them up and partially dissolve them. That’s so important to me and I feel so grateful.

Julian L.

Especially with acute pain and tension in the shoulder and neck area, the ATLAS is a great help for me. Above all, I like the fact that I can use it specifically where it tweaks and then the tension dissolves noticeably. Clear recommendation!


I often struggle with severe tension in my neck and back, in acute cases I always had to go to the doctor. What did he do then?! Syringe in and ready. Instead of syringe there is now PLEXUS, is much better. Relief (immediately there if you need it) instead of strain.

S. Wolfrum

My husband and I have been using the PLEXUS at home for many years and don’t want to miss it anymore. No waiting time in practices – can be used immediately – quick effect for acute back pain. A real “valuable” helper! Only to be recommended!

Yvonne P.

The PLEXUS is the ideal “tool” for my chronically tense back. If the pressure of suffering is high enough, I resort to it and can get quick relief without annoying appointments with the therapist. Thank you!

B. Wolfrum

As a sales manager, I sit in the car for about 3 hours a day and at my desk for about 8 hours. I used to go to physiotherapist or masseur more often and have the blockages solved. Since I have the PLEXUS, I don’t need it anymore. It solves the tensions just as well and saves me the time for appointments.

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